Monday, January 4, 2016

A Birthday Letter to Daddy on His 92nd Birthday

On the Occasion of Your 92nd Birthday


Did you know… that one of my fondest & earliest memories is  watching you blow bubbles for us when you shaved?

Did you know…how much I loved having college kids & Ed and Joyce Martin live above our garage?

Did you know…how much I appreciate the way you worked hard to support all “your girls”?

Did you know…How much I enjoyed going “along for the ride” when you would take a college girl back to her dorm at Biola or Whittier college?

Did you know…that having the King’s Heirs meet at our home had a huge &  positive influence on my life?

Did you know…I loved watching you study the Bible for the various classes & Bible studies you taught?

Did you know…I was always proud to be your little #3 Girl?

Did you know…I enjoyed taking turns being the map holder/navigator on our family camping vacations?

Did you know…I like the way you clear your throat and speak Spanish?

Did you know…I loved hearing your stories of your latest witnessing experiences at the dinner table?

Did you know…I learned a lot at our family dinners: talking about politics, the Lord, American history & other topics we were learning at school?

Did you know…I am grateful for the lovely trip you, Mom and I took to British Columbia, Oregon & Washington when I was 17?

Did you know…I was amazed that you figured within a half-hour how long it would take us to drive from the border of Oregon to the Church of the Open Door in LA (all in one day!)?

Did you know…that your love & affection for Mom and God was the basis of my security and comfort?

Did you know…how amazed I am that you have been talking about  & studying Creation vs. Evolution before anyone we know?

Did you know…what a great example you are to me to “keep learning” no matter how old you are?

Did you know…that your approval of my career paths & husband mean so much to me?

Did  you know...that I have enjoyed being your "Cochlear Buddy"?

Did you know…that your love for missions, the Great Commission and generous giving have been passed on to me by example?

Did you know…I could fill many more pages, but will stop here?

Did you know…I love you more than you will ever know?!

Did you know…I am still proud to be your 60-year-old #3 Girl?

Happy 92nd Birthday Daddy! I love you so much !!

          Grammy and Poppa with our youngest grandchild, Rose Stevens
             Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

      Our family before Luanne's wedding in April, 1969.

                      Me with the mumps

 We both have cochlear implants (in 2010). 
I got another one in 2011.

A family photo with our first grandchild, Lee Stevens

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Few Pictures from Jerry's Graveside & Memorial Services

 Daddy talking with Paul White, the 6th generation from 
White-Emerson Mortuary. Great guy!
 Jeff, Kirk, Ed, Philip, Bob Taylor & John Weber carrying 
the casket from the hearse
 Jerry's flag-draped coffin next to Helen's grave on our
 left (with roses from Heather & Jeff)

David Cox was the emcee & did a wonderful job!
Kirk is sharing here.
 Our wonderful kids!
 Saying good-bye to Jerry
 "Love you, Mom"
 Heather & Jeff afterwards at Marie Callendar's
 Love this guy!
 Our flowers to honor Jerry at yesterday's memorial service
 The folding of the flag to honor Jerry's service for our nation
 Philip did a beautiful job reading my talk, Heather & Jeff's talk & 
then speaking on behalf of he & Abby.
 Kirk was funny, touching & brave as he shared about his dear dad.
 Two proud grandmas with sweet little Rose (8.5 months old)
 My dear son...and his dear daughter! (Lee was still napping)
This picture of Philip & Abby's wedding was handed to us from the memorabilia 
on the tables, just as we took this picture.
We wanted the service to honor the Lord & Jerry, and we believe it did. Praise God!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gerald (Jerry) L. Stevens 12/13/20-9/29/14

Here are a few pictures from the life of Jerry Stevens

Jerry was an accomplished gymnast in high school and at UCLA. He married the love of his life in 1942.
 Army Air Force Aerobatics and Flight Instructor

Thorough Optometrist for 38 years

Doting and generous Grandpa
 Loved by his grand kids
 Adoring Great Grandpa to Rose (Jan. 16, 2014)
 Lover of God's Word
 Gentle Soul and Dad
 Great Grandpa at the age of 90! Here is Gerald Lee reading to Lee Gerald.
 Gracious Father-in-Law and Friend. We will miss you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hanging out in Cambria & Solvang

 My handsome breakfast partner at Cambria Pines Lodge...
 ...and his favorite wife
 We love wandering through the manicured gardens
 On the front porch of the Lodge

 By the tide pools

 On our walk along the boardwalk at Moonstone Beach

 Kirk loves having his picture taken!
 The Episcopal church in Los Olivos
 Birkholms' Baker in Solvang
 touristy shot
 A very low Lake Cachuma
 We want to stay in a Yurt at Lake Cachuma. Looks like fun!
Lovers' shadow. :)